Michael Phelps Didn’t Actually Race A Real Shark And Everyone Is Upset

On Sunday, the age old question of who would win in a race between a Great White shark and a human was finally going to be answered thanks to the braveness of Olympic Gold medal winner Michael Phelps. Unfortunately, the question still remains unanswered as the Discovery Channel pulled a bait and switch by having Phelps race against a CGI version of a shark.

For your viewing pleasure (or displeasure) here is the video of the so-called race between Phelps and the shark:

The race itself was basically just a timed race between Phelps and the CGI shark. And since it was all just an estimation of what would really happen, the shark defeated Phelps and won the race by two seconds.

The only saving grace for the whole farcical race is the music, which adds the necessary drama. But since there isn’t any real drama, the whole thing is just utterly ridiculous, a fact the internet hilariously pointed out on Twitter:

While it does seem strange that Phelps would discredit or put a dent in his legacy by engaging in such a farce as SB Nation pointed out, he did technically beat a reef shark with his time:

Of course, a reef shark is no Great White, which is why the Discovery Channel clearly jumped the shark with this race.