Michigan’s Donovan Peoples-Jones Has The Best Halloween Costume And Everyone Else Is Fighting For Second

Halloween is a pretty polarizing holiday. While it’s not for everyone, those who love it really get into it, dressing up in costumes that they can usually only get away with wearing once a year. In our industry, it serves as an opportunity to highlight what athletes do, as they will oftentimes go all-in on wearing something hilarious.

This year, the best costume — at least in the world of sports — belongs to Donovan Peoples-Jones, a wide receiver for the Michigan Wolverines. Peoples-Jones tweeted out a video highlighting his costume, showing him dressing up like Sweetness from the 2005 film Roll Bounce. The video does not just include him skating around or anything, oh no. Peoples-Jones leaned all the way in, doing the routine that Sweetness did in the movie with clips from the film interspersed throughout the 91-second video.

For reference, here is Sweetness’ routine.

Obviously Peoples-Jones didn’t do a shot-for-shot remake, but this is still outstanding. In something that isn’t always the case for Halloween costumes, this is legitimately funny, in part because Peoples-Jones was six years old when Roll Bounce came out in 2005. Peoples-Jones has had an alright year for the 14th-ranked Wolverines, hauling in 19 receptions for 203 yards and three touchdowns, with that final number being tied for the team lead. Having said this, give him the Heisman Trophy immediately.