This Michigan State Fan Is Offering A ‘Kiss And A Boob Flash’ For A Final Tour Ticket

As you may have heard, Michigan State is headed to yet another Final Four under Tom Izzo, his seventh since 1999. The unexpected run left Spartan fans scrambling to make travel plans for Indianapolis, the host of this year’s Final Four, but tickets for the game aren’t cheap. In fact, they’re downright expensive, a mortgage payment really. The cheapest on Stub Hub right now is $853 for a pair of nosebleed seats in the rafters. That’s just too much us for the average fan.

So, what’s the next logical step for cheap tickets? Craigslist, of course. Let’s head over there, see what we can find.

I am an attractive Michigan State graduate in my 20’s and would be more than willing to offer a kiss and boob flash to anyone willing to part ways with a Final Four ticket to the Michigan State vs. Duke game in Indianapolis next Sunday (April 4th, 2015). =)

I will be coming to town next Friday (April 3rd) and would be able to pick up the tickets that evening, if available.

If Interested, please text the number listed with SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY!!! Thank you and… GO SPARTY!!!

You gotta love the “SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY” line. And it’s in all caps to boot.

Verbatim aside, what are the odds this was posted by a man or a blogger desperate for page views? Vegas has it at 5-1. That’s better than Michigan State’s chances at the Final Four.

[Larry Brown Sports]