An Ex-NHL Player Said He Hopes His Former Coach Gets “Hit By A Truck” In This Bizarre Tirade

10.09.15 4 years ago
Calgary Flames v Detroit Red Wings

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Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock returned to Detroit on Friday night, when the Red Wings kicked off their season with a 4-0 drumming of the Leafs. This past summer Babcock left the Wings, who he had coached since 2005, to become the league’s highest paid coach in Toronto.

There was some question as to what sort of reception the coach would receive from Detroit fans in his return to Hockeytown, as fans often feel slighted and bitter when a key piece of their organization departs for greener pastures. That’s greener in money, not grass…we’re still talking about the Maple Leafs here.

Ultimately, Babcock received a warm ovation from the packed house at Joe Louis Arena, and he responded to them in typical Mike Babcock fashion. However, not everyone was pleased to see Babcock find his way back to Detroit, and maybe no one was harsher on the coach than one of his former players.

Former NHL journeyman Mike Commodore played under Babcock twice, first in a training camp with the Anaheim Ducks and again in a 17-game stint with the Red Wings in 2011-2012 before being traded. Apparently, Commodore doesn’t particularly care for the guy.

The 35-year-old former defenseman went on a lengthy and profane Twitter rant about Babcock throughout the Wings’ throttling of the Leafs, regularly chiming in to profess his hatred for Babcock in various fashions. It was pretty bizarre, and some wondered whether Commodore had a bit too much to drink as he celebrated his Friday night. He has previously spoken out about Babcock, but never this brutally – at least not publicly.

Check out some of the “highlights” of the Twitter rant below. It escalates pretty quickly.

But, to his credit, he did stop short at the idea of comparing to Babcock to Hitler, so at least we know there’s a line! Sort of!

Still, pretty rough night for Babcock. One can’t help but wonder why Commodore seems to hate the coach with such a burning passion.

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