Washington State Coach Mike Leach’s Marriage Advice Is To ‘Work Late’ And ‘Read A Lot Of Books’

11.23.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

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Mike Leach knows that marriage is a beautiful ritual that binds the lives of two people with a wonderful celebration of life and love. It’s also a huge sack of pedantic nonsense that he clearly has no time for.

The Washington State coach has lived a lot of life, and he took a moment of his time to dispense some essential advice on Wednesday. A reporter asked the Wazzu head coach for some marriage advice a few days ahead of his wedding and despite Washington State facing their in-state rival Washington this weekend, Leach was more than happy to take some time to dole out some advice.

Leach did seem, however, less than thrilled about the whole wedding process, with lots of advice on how to deal with the insanity of it all and the inevitable situations you’ll find yourself in that you just can’t win.

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