Mike Tyson’s Boxing Workout Video Proves He’s Still Terrifying In The Ring

Mike Tyson is 53 years old and is 15 years removed from his most recent fight, but the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world still possesses that terrifying speed and power that made him the most electrifying boxer of his generation.

The man that won his first 37 fights, finishing all but four with a knockout, is perhaps better known by the current generation for his cameo appearances in movies and eccentric behavior, but he decided to remind everyone he’s still one of the baddest men on the planet. Tyson posted a workout video on Monday of him absolutely ripping his trainers hand pads with punches, bobbing and weaving and snapping punches that still look like they’ll send most anyone to the canvas.

At the end, Tyson says “I’m back,” which I assume simply means he’s back in the gym and not, like, some grand plan to get back in the ring at some point. Whatever the case, the kind of hand speed he has at 53 is better than you see from most anyone in their prime, and is a reminder of the preternatural talent Tyson has that made him the most famous boxer in the world and the heavyweight champ in the late 80s.

Also, I hope this stops the foolishness on social media in which people ask questions like “could you go five rounds with Mike Tyson?” Because the answer to that is hell no.