Mike Vick Confirms That Lamar Jackson Is The Second Coming Of Him And Then Some

The most logical comparison for Louisville signal caller Lamar Jackson is Mike Vick. Both are dual-threat quarterbacks turned up to 11. They are fast, agile, and elusive when they need to run or escape pressure, but when they have time to throw, they can toss the ball all over the field with ease. It’s kind of amazing, so much so that we wrote about how Jackson is the second coming of Vick.

On Saturday, Jackson again showed why his hype train is one that everyone wants to jump on. Tenth-ranked Louisville straight up annihilated second-ranked Florida State, 63-20. Jackson went 13-for-20 with 216 yards, a touchdown, and an interception along with 17 rushes for 146 yards and four touchdowns. He tore up the Seminoles’ defense, and after three games, Jackson has 18 total touchdowns – eight of those have come through the air, 10 of those on the ground.

One person who noticed Jackson’s performance against the Seminoles was none other than Vick. He’s apparently heard people praise Jackson as the second coming and wanted to make something clear: Lamer Jackson is not the next Mike Vick because Lamar Jackson is better than Mike Vick was in college.

Jackson is a true sophomore who is still learning the game, but as of right now, he’s the favorite for the 2016 Heisman Trophy. You can spend all the time you want debating whether he or Vick was the better quarterback, but there’s no point, because Vick doesn’t think he had anything on Louisville’s dynamic signal caller.