04.20.09 10 years ago 16 Comments

Hockey, much like the great pinko communist nation of Canada, is misunderstood at times here in America. Whenever some clown throws a sucker-punch in the NBA, advocates always exclaim, “Well, they fight in the NHL all the time and nobody ever calls them thugs.” It’s an ignorant remark made by people that don’t really understand the game.

Sadly, said group of people now seems to include many of the players actually in the NHL, such as the Bruins’ pole-smoking Serbian, Milan Lucic, who earned a paltry one-game suspension for this cross-check to the face of some poor sap after the whistle. But then somehow, Mike Komisarek doesn’t get anything for being the third man into the skirmish. That’s totally fair. It’s amazing anything ever gets out of hand when the rules are applied so evenly.

Lucic serves his suspension tonight; it wouldn’t be a bad time for him to start looking for some manhood. Not that he would have any clue what it would look like. Stupid Serb.

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