A Minnesota Player Hit Colorado State’s Quarterback So Hard His Helmet Popped Off

09.24.16 3 years ago

Minnesota freshman Tai’yon Devers just hit Colorado State quarterback Collin Hill so hard he fumbled the football and his helmet.

Poor tight end Danny Nwosu was not ready for the pass rush coming from Devers on the right side. Nwosu barely got a hand on Devers as he blew past him on the speed rush and locked onto Hill’s torso.

The quarterback, surely completing his reads over the middle or maybe assuming this life can’t possibly be as cruel and chaotic as it actually is, never saw all 215 pounds of Golden Gopher coming to remove various objects from his possession.

It looks like Hill lost the football first, but let’s just pretend his helmet went flying before he lost grip. If you watch closely, there’s a beautiful little moment in here where it looks like Nwosu is more worried about recovering his quarterback’s helmet than going after the fumble. It’s like fumbles are a normal football thing, but a quarterback’s helmet flying off at terminal velocity is just plain not right.

[Extreme Happy Gilmore heckler voice] That quarterback’s helmet went further than the ball. Dang.

Minnesota recovered the fumble, but at least Devers didn’t collect Hill’s helmet as a souvenir. Gotta take the small victories where you can find them.

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