A Baseball Team Will Destroy Its Social Status With These Hideous Cat Uniforms

If you’re a lover of cats, baseball, and horrible fashion statements, the Lakewood BlueClaws are about to make your dreams come true. The Single-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies is preparing to roll out some pretty hideous jerseys this weekend for “Caturday” at the ballpark. (If that pun wasn’t bad enough for you, the team has dubbed the jerseys “simply clawsome.”)

The uniform features a ridiculous amount of cats plastered all over it, which makes it a perfect gift for that crazy aunt you dread seeing during the holidays. Fortunately, the jerseys are attainable! They will be auctioned off for charity following the game, which sort of makes this whole thing somewhat acceptable. Wearing cats in public is never really a good look for your social #brand, but at least it’s for a good cause.

Fans are also encouraged to bring their cats to the ballpark, which means that a bunch of people are going to be walking around the stadium with their felines on leashes. Even if you’re not a cat person, it might be worth attending the game for that entertainment value alone.

As a fan of pure anarchy, I’m rooting for someone at the game to just unleash hell and let all those dang cats free.