MLB Style Guide: Everything You Should Care About From The 2012 Home Run Derby

07.10.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

The 2012 MLB Home Run Derby took place last night in Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium (the one with the fountains), and if you were like most people you had a passing interest, got bored, then spent a little time on Twitter trying to make Chris Berman’s incessant “BECK BECK BECK BECK BECK” thing funny. You have have compared him to a chicken. It happens.

In the event that you didn’t have seven hours to kill watching dudes congratulate themselves, we’ve collected all the important moments would allow us without expressed written consent … that includes a pair of monster home runs, Robinson Cano getting a reaction that made Yankees fans break out their shame fingers and a Royals fan who gets greedy and nearly ends up drowned in the fountain. It was all the fun you’d expect from a home run derby, only it took seven hours.

Up first, here’s Robinson Cano getting his feelings hurt:

The story here is that Cano didn’t pick KC slugger Billy Butler for the competition, so the Royals fans in attendance let him have it. Additional story: f**k Robinson Cano.

Anyway, the point of the home run derby is to watch guys hit crazy home runs (and to listen to ESPN go UHH!! UHHHHH!!! and make phony exasperation noises every time someone makes contact), so here are the two craziest … Mark Trumbo bouncing a ball off the roof in left field, and contest winner Prince Fielder drilling a monster 476-foot shot to the fountains in center.

Okay, phony exasperation noises might be necessary for that one.

And finally, because no modern baseball moment is complete without someone in the stands acting like a moron and almost killing themselves, here’s a Royals fan struggling to get a ball from a police officer, tumbling backwards over the railing and taking a television case with him on the way down. Handy dandy GIF form courtesy of Mock Session by way of Outside The Boxscore:

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