‘MLB The Show’ Will Be Expanding To Consoles Beyond PlayStation As Soon As 2021

For years, fans of baseball video games have had one licensed option, MLB The Show, and if they didn’t own a PlayStation they’ve been out of luck for playing the Sony Entertainment title.

MLB The Show has long been one of the best sports video games on the market, but unavailable to the gaming world beyond Sony’s consoles. That will change soon, however, as MLB, Sony, and San Diego Studio announced a new partnership that will eventually bring the game to consoles beyond the PlayStation, which is big news in the sports gaming space.

The announcement doesn’t commit to 2021 as the official year for the wide release of the game, but more as a hopeful target with more full details to be announced later. Whenever it hits stores for Xbox and other consoles, it’ll be the first time since the death of the MLB 2K series in 2014 that non-PlayStation owners will be able to dive into a baseball game.

The Show has some of the cleanest gameplay and one of the best career modes in all of sports gaming with “Road to the Show” that takes you through the minor leagues to the majors, and soon it’ll be available to everyone.