Meet The Dad Who Got In Insane Shape To Become An MMA Fighter After His Divorce

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01.09.16 3 Comments

A few years ago, Keith Rocheville stood on the edge of a great journey. He was out of shape and walking away from his second marriage. Two dreadful divorces strapped him with a great deal of child support. Rocheville endured a long spell of unemployment, and the St. Louis man thought life couldn’t get worse, but it did. Soon, he fell far enough behind in support payments that his state charged him with a felony. He lost his driver’s license and moved in with his parents at age 38. He was “depressed in the worst ways.”

Rocheville (who spoke with the Daily Mail) knew something must be done, but he’d spiraled so far away from stability that only drastic measures would work. His situation grew even worse after a shattered new relationship ended with the bitter ex calling in some “friends.” A bunch of “biker dudes” then gave him several broken ribs and a separated shoulder.

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