One Of The Fastest Knockouts In MMA History Was Delivered Via This Devastating Head Kick

Finding an incredible MMA highlight like the one we see here from Pyramid Fights (via Grabaka Hitman) is a paradox. On one hand, I want to share this impressive-as-hell highlight with all of my fellow MMA devotees, but on the other, it’s only four seconds long, and so, I have to really stretch this out in order to meet my mandated word count. It’s a difficult part of the job, but at least I’m not being head kicked into oblivion. There’s always that.

It also makes me reflect on simpler times when 10-15 second knockouts were astonishing. How are we going to get faster than this four-second KO from amateur (0-2) fighter Jordan Fowler? Realistically, if we’re going to get a sub-four second knockout, it will have to start with a sprint towards the opponent then open up in a flying kick Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat-style.

Yes, if you want to be immortalized in the annals of MMA history, you’ll probably have to ascend to the level of Shaolin Monk. It’s really the only way.

And will Fowler retire now that he’s rendered a man unconscious over the weekend in less time than it takes to say “I rendered a man unconscious over the weekend?” He can’t get better than this.