11.17.08 9 years ago 5 Comments

I want more points!  Sure, there were plenty of games that produced healthy scores, but none of yesterday’s headlining games could produce healthy offensive outputs.

The Sunday night showdown between Dallas and Washington: 14-10 ‘Boys.  The afternoon’s late featured game: an 11-10 Steelers victory, a game so points-averse that the refs made up rules just to negate touchdowns.  The Titans may have won 24-14, but all their TDs came through the air; is it even a Tennessee game if LenDale and Chris Johnson aren’t scoring?  There was a similar story in Atlanta, where the 24-20 Broncos win was a letdown after the anticipation of a fantasy bonanza against two subpar defenses — none of the heralded receivers scored a touchdown.

Those were all disappointing, but nothing was quite as much of a letdown as this week’s winner of the Suck-Off.

That honor belongs to the Eagles-Bengals game.  Unlike what some people are saying, I didn’t hate this game because it ended in a tie.  I hated it because both teams refused to score.  The lack of desire was palpable.  And yes, the quote of the day goes to Donovan McNabb:

That’s exactly the kind of apathy the Bengals and Eagles played with for 75 minutes.

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