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The hardest working belt in sports.

Lots of sucking off happened during the weekend, and why not, the weather was perfect for it. Perhaps the most momentous suck was NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson crashing his car in the Dickies 500 yesterday, thereby eliminating his “insurmountable unless he crashes in the Dickies 500” lead. So there’s that.

In college football, Alabama managed to stay unbeaten against LSU, in no small part to another questionable call from SEC officials. Look, we get it, a league has every incentive to keep its best teams undefeated until its championship game, but do you have to be so blatant about it?. These refs are like the real SEC on Wall Street, except nullifying Patrick Peterson’s INT didn’t force anyone to lose their house. Speaking of crooked refs: Iowa finally lost–to Northwestern [even though they should have lost that game to Indiana earlier in the year] and Penn State lost to Ohio State at home. And the Hype Train for Oregon was derailed mighty quickly; they lost to Stanford. Cal and Oklahoma also sucked in fine form Saturday. More #cfb</a>.

The New York Giants have lost four games in a row. That sucks! San Diego’s Philip Rivers found Vincent Jackson in the end zone to be Big Blue, 21-20, in the Meadowlands yesterday. More like “Big Blew,” amirite? But the biggest suckage of all–based on both overall suck magnitude and total gross weight–was the way that Eagles coach Andy Reid managed his team against the Cowboys in the Sunday night game. Reid wasted two challenges on spot calls in the second half (neither of which overturned the call on the field) and then opted for a long field goal with his team down by seven with about five minutes left in the game. I’ll ruin the ending for you: Dallas converted two first downs, the Eagles couldn’t stop the clock, and Philly lost by four. But at least Andy Reid can still hang his hat on being a good father…oh, wait.

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