Monday Suck-Off: Sebastian Janikowski vs. Garrett Hartley [Poll]

09.27.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

ASYLUM POLL: Is the kicker over-valued in football?

For once, I have taken a side in KSK’s debate of the weekly “Meast” and “Least” awards. Well, for the Least anyway. While Ufford has been clamoring for the Saints as a team “Least” recipient. Not only did they let barely get into overtime against the Atlanta Falcons, but they clock-blocked themselves just before blocking the game-winning field goal after getting a stop on Atlanta’s opening drive in OT). My counter-argument for Hartley was pretty simple: If he makes that 29-yarder to win the game, none of that other stuff matters.

But Hartley’s clubhouse lead might have gone out the window when Sebastian Janikowski missed a 32-yarder at the end of regulation. The Raiders kicker’s miss gave the Arizona Cardinals their second win of the season. I’d argue that OT field goal attempts are less pressure-packed that regulation-time field goal attempts, game-winning or otherwise. Plus Janikowski is the kind of guy that will make one from 55 yards out and then miss an extra-point, whereas Hartley has showcased his ability to miss from all over the field on more than one occasion.

So who ya got? Janikowski? Hartley? Or did we forget someone? It feels right giving the suck-off to a kicker. It’s not like they do any real work out there anyway.

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