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Yes, yes: we heard.  Brett Favre broke Dan Marino's record.  Yippee.  We're all thrilled.  But since Favre didn't suck, that's all the mention he gets from With Leather.  We've got more pressing issues, like figuring out if the Eagles' offensive line is less competent than Norv Turner (trick question: no one is more incompetent than Norv Turner). So, on with the Suck-Off:

The Dolphins' defense gets a nod, as the Raiders rolled up 300 yards rushing in a 35-17 win tentatively titled Culpepper's Revenge — sounds like a swashbuckling high-seas adventure, but Daunte (3 TD's rushing, 2 passing) been asked to stay away from boats.  And the Rams need to be applauded for their consistent, all-around sucking: the defense and offense looked equally bad in falling to 0-4 with a 35-7 loss to the Cowboys.  Elsewhere in the NFC, Brian Griese was not the solution the Bears needed, as he tossed 3 INT's while Chicago gave up 34 points in the 4th quarter of a 37-27 loss to the Lions.

Which brings us to our final two, Norv Turner and the Eagles offensive line.  ¿Quien es mas sucko?  Well, Norv's got some pretty impressive credentials.  You've got to be a pretty big fuck-up to take a 14-2 team and make it 1-3 by losing to a Chiefs team that looked like one of the worst in the league the first three weeks of the season.  But Norv's the easy choice, and I like to reward record-breaking performances, so I'll give it to the Eagles O-line (specifically second-year LT Winston Justice), which allowed Giants defenders to rack up 12 sacks in Philly's 16-3 embarrassment last night.  Suddenly those throwback unis don't look so bad.

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