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One of my favorite football highlights of all time was when Troy Polamalu intercepted a pass then got tackled by his stupid frizzy hair, so naturally I’ll be adding this video to my “most watched” clips.  This is from last night’s Rutgers-Louisville game (Louisville got raped), and Jourdan Brooks breaks a long run down the sideline before getting yanked down by his dreadlocks.

“I’d have to say on a scale of one to 10, an eight. No, nine,” Brooks said describing the pain of having one of his dreadlocks pulled out. “It hurt pretty bad. I never felt any pain like that.”

Wah wah wah.  I wish this happened more often.  Not that I begrudge guys from having dreads (unless they’re white), I just love that there’s a rule explicitly allowing players to be tackled by their hair.  You just know that rule was made by some Johnny Unitas fan in the ’60s.  “Take that, hippies.”

[College Football Talk via The Sporting Blog]

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