Morning Links: 134th Place, Are You F**king Kidding Me

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05.31.11 4 Comments

In case you haven’t been reading With Leather very closely over the last week (and hey, it happens), we’ve been doing another fantasy baseball promotion with, mostly so I could avenge my 50th-something place finish in the first game. Well, thanks to David Price and my slavish devotion to the Cleveland Indians, I finished a whopping 134th overall. No, seriously. I could’ve selected players based on how handsome I think they are and finished better. I could’ve picked players whose names start with G. It wouldn’t have mattered.

Here are your top five finishers:

1. gperih – 76.2 points
2. JM80 – 65.45 points
3. Daern – 63.7 points
4. Bnelson2 – 63.5 points
5. Kid Kash & Dash – 62.55 points
134. bthompsonstroud -21.05 points

Humiliating. Funny enough, 134th is only two spots higher than the Indians finished last year. Here are some links. Blerg.


UFC 130 Gif Party – Since I only seem to cover fight sports where the people don’t really hit each other, here’s a bunch of gifs from UFC 130 courtesy of our friends at Cage Potato, and yeah, they are pretty much straight up hitting each other. I think one guy gets his face bashed in with a fire extinguisher. [Cage Potato]

This Epic Hurdle Fail Is Painful to Watch – I don’t think there’s a faster way to get someone to click a link than the words “epic hurdle fail.” Is there a non-epic type of hurdle fail? The saddest part of this video is that she was doing so well. I know what it’s like, lady, this happens to me every time I use the Power Pad. [BroBible]

Me, on Twitter – Last night I twote a Tweet about Basketball Wives. This is the kind of thing you should be following. [Twitter]

Sports Cards For Insane People: Metal Universe – One of the reasons I stopped collecting cards was because of sets like this. Also, because of “refractors.” F**k you, refractors, I shouldn’t have to pay 200 dollars for a Jeff Bagwell card because he’s shiny. [SBN]

30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection – If you haven’t checked out this gallery yet, you should. Who cares if you don’t like slideshows, there’s a lamp in here that looks like Carson Palmer. I mean, exactly like him. [With Leather]

Scottie Pippen Never Watched Michael Jordan Play – A definitive word on last week’s Pippen-gate courtesy of Smoking Section’s David D., a guy I should really be friends with, as not many people write for Uproxx AND appreciate the majesty of early 90s Ric Flair. [Smoking Section]

Not Sports

Awesome People Hanging Out Together – Tumblrs are sort of the ADD devil, but this is a great one. I tried submitting the picture of me with John Adams, the Cleveland Indians drum guy, but I never heard back. Maybe I should try the one of my girlfriend and UltraMantis Black. [Tumblr]

14 Hot Dog Horrors – Somehow not on this list: “all other hot dogs.” [Buzzfeed]

PBS Website Hacked, Declares Tupac And Biggie Still Alive – I guess my question is, why the hell do you hack the PBS website for this? PBS hacking should be for phony announcements about how Ken Burns actually hates jazz, but never had the heart to tell Buck O’Neil. Or like, death announcements for King Friday. [Uproxx]

Doctors on Drugs – Infographics explain what I already know. Let me put it to you this way: I’ve gotten six bills for my three day stay in the hospital for a viral infection of my intestines, and one included a 12 dollar charge for the plastic bag they gave me to throw up in. I’m guessing the other two grand was for throwing it away. [The Smoking Jacket]

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