Morning Links: Gay People are Not Allowed to Wear This T-Shirt

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Cop: The 1990-1991 Golden State Warriors T-Shirt – I mention it fairly frequently, but Tim Hardaway was my favorite basketball player when I was younger, so it’s going to take me another ten years or so to come to terms with his real life personality. This shirt is pretty cool, though, and takes me back to the days when I could shut people out at NBA Jam. [Smoking Section]

Why are Mexican Soccer Fans Boorish Animals? – In case you missed it yesterday (or skipped over it because it had “soccer” in the title), don’t miss Matt Ufford’s piece about what happens when urine bombs explode on the wrong patch of soil. In this example, “wrong patch of soil” means “any soil”. [With Leather]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy? – I’m pretty happy that I’ve gotten this far into life without learning about testosterone replacement therapy. Fighter Nate Marquardt underwent it, then immediately finished all of Brucie’s missions in Grand Theft Auto 4. [Cage Potato]

ACW Queen of Queens Review – My take was a little facetious and personal, so if you’re interested in finding out what actually happened at this weekend’s awesome Texas pro wrestling tournament, check out John Hyperion’s review at Dirty Dirty Sheets. I really need to hang out with him more, he could probably get me that mark photo with Portia Perez my life desperately needs. [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

Not Sports

T-Mobile Girl on “Powers”, Immediately Killed Off – There are few things in this world I love more than brunette Canadian actresses with mouths too big for their heads. It’s the one thing I have in common with Don Draper. [Gamma Squad]

The Official Mission Impossible 4 Trailer – Last night I went to see Cars 2, and it isn’t as bad as people are saying, but it does seem like an 8-minute short stretched out to two hours and is a complete waste of time. All I could think while watching it was “Where the hell is Pete Docter, or Andrew Stanton? Or Brad Bird?” Well, Brad Bird is here, making things explode behind Tom Cruise. [Film Drunk]

Michael Jackson Never Sang On The Simpsons – I’m totally okay with this revelation, because that episode of the Simpsons is terrible to me and I have to stop when they start singing to Lisa out of second-hand embarrassment. [Warming Glow]

The Best of My Little Pony YouTube Mash-ups – Remember when cartoons looked like they were drawn by people in an effort to sell you toys? Now they look like they were made on Newgrounds to sell you tank tops at Hot Topic. This is worth your click due because Wu Tang. [Uproxx]

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