Morning Links: I Really Don’t Care How Fat Gina Carano Has Gotten

I can’t claim to know a lot about women’s mixed martial arts (except that as a sport, it is arguably creepier to enjoy than joshi), but Gina Carano always seems caught between fighting legitimacy and Anna Kournikovafication, where she’s a naturally gifted athlete but people don’t really care if she wins or not as long as she’s around, because her torso is (was?) amazing to look at. She really did have an amazing torso. I could picture myself battling Shadows of the Colossus on that thing.


Gina Carano Had Medical Clearance, Pulled Out Anyway – As the comments suggest, “having no chance of making weight” is now a medical condition. I think Gina should just fight super lady heavyweights at whatever weight she is, because she’s still cute, and I’d like to see her Fedor a bunch of giants. [Cage Potato]

‘Plaxico! Oh, How I Missed You!’ – I think writing about Plaxico makes you a racist. It does, I can’t bring myself to do it anymore. I type “Plaxico” and before I’ve even published, somebody is logging a furious comment about how I think “thugs” are ruining sports. I’m just gonna write some more about Tom Brady. [KSK]

The Best Of The Annual Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Games – If you enjoyed the paintball episode of “Community”, this is a great look at how crazy real live paintball wars can be. Make it through the Apocalypse Now-looking people at the beginning and get to those awesome paint clouds. [With Leather]

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 6/6 – Speaking of creepy things to enjoy, be sure to catch this week’s Best and Worst, wherein I praise a black guy for wearing a Confederate army uniform. Also, I’ve been watching that gif of Kelly Kelly for like 20 hours. [With Leather]

Not Sports

Do you try to eat healthy? You might have an eating disorder – Great, I thought being a vegan was a SOLUTION to my eating disorders. Oh well. To celebrate my descent into ED madness, here’s a picture of one of my favorite hot vegans, Drew McIntyre’s allegedly crazy ex-wife “Tiffany.” [Fark]

The 100 Funniest Brits – This is also a pretty solid list for the 100 Ugliest Brits. Thankfully this is in no particular order, so I don’t have to get pissed about Eddie Izzard and Ali G being less funny than Emma f**king Thompson. [Buzzfeed]

Six Panels Of Penny Arcade Get Movie Deal – Just great. Maybe now we can finally greenlight that “A Softer World” movie, which is just a still photo of someone smoking zoomed in three times with some vague, hipster narration. Here, I’ll write one right now. “I thought you said to wait for you. But here I’m waiting. Until tomorrow.” That’s a trilogy. [Gamma Squad]

Facebook Fail-Log: June Edition – I should’ve contributed any and all Facebook-related conversations that sprung from my Joe Rogan post last week. I’ve never seen so many people try to make a point, then ruin it by trying to shoehorn in a funny “cunt” at the end. [Uproxx]