A Motorcycle Racer Wrecked His Bike, Then Borrowed A Cameraman’s Scooter Without Missing A Beat

MotoGP racer Marc Márquez wrecked his bike during Dutch TT Assen qualifying, but that was not going to stop him from posting the best time he possibly could.

Instantly after Márquez hit the ground, his first thought wasn’t to make sure he didn’t have any injuries or to check the status of his bike. Instead, his mind was solely focused on how quickly he could get back to his backup vehicle.

With his options limited, Márquez had little choice but to hop on a random moped (with an OK from the camera man it belonged to first) and ride it over to the garage.

What really makes this video fantastic is not only the funny visual of a fully geared up Márquez riding around with his visor down on a scooter, but also the wonderful music it was set to by YouTube user ItzMeGamer.

When asked about it after his qualifying, Márquez said he was so desperate to keep going he would have taken the scooter even if the photographer wasn’t cool with it.

“I made a mistake in qualifying and crashed on the second lap. The marshals were a bit far away, and I saw a scooter with a key in it and nobody around. When I took it, I saw that it belonged to a photographer, but he let me go. I wanted to get back to the pit as soon as possible, so honestly I would’ve taken it even if he said no.”

While Márquez wiped out in qualifying, his quick thinking ended up working out well for him. He managed to salvage fourth place in qualifying despite the crash and he wound up finishing in second place in the actual race.

(Via SB Nation)

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