Move Over, T-Rex, The Clemson Tigers Marching Band Made Goombas In A Nintendo Tribute

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11.18.13 9 Comments

Clemson Tigers marching band

Last month the (The) Ohio State University marching band briefly won the Internet by forming a moving, carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex out of band dudes. This month? A CHALLENGER APPROACHES.

During last Thursday’s game against Georgia Tech, the Clemson Tigers marching band performed a Nintendo tribute, forming pretty much any video game character or icon they could remember from Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. They make a goomba, a blooper, a classic NES controller, Mario’s face (which I honestly thought was Kirby), a Triforce, a stick figure that is supposed to be Link, and more. Check it out below.

Worst case scenario, at least Clemson’s act won’t eat you when you’re on the toilet at Jurassic Park.

My favorite part of the video is easily the foreign cameraman who is totally ADD, obsessed with getting close-ups of the cheerleaders instead of the giant shapes and who doesn’t recognize that they’re doing a Nintendo thing until they make a mushroom. “Whoa Mario!”

First team’s marching band to combine the last two months’ top efforts to form Mario riding Yoshi wins, I guess.

[h/t to College Spun]

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