Must Watch Video: Kenyan Orphans Reenacted The 1987 Eastern Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics lost the 1987 NBA Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games, but basketball purists and diehard fans will probably tell you that the Eastern Conference Finals between the Celtics and the Detroit Pistons was the real highlight of the playoffs that year. The particular legendary moment that a lot of NBA fans probably don’t even realize they’re viewing a few dozen times per season took place in Game 5, as the Pistons were on the verge of jumping out to a 3-2 series lead, before Larry Bird stole Isiah Thomas’ inbound pass and chucked it to Dennis Johnson for a game-winning layup. Even if you don’t think you’ve seen it, you have. It’s right here. Watch it and then say, “Ohhhhhhh yeah.”

Anyway, the reason that I bring this up is because a group called “Lift the Children” is trying to raise $56,000 via FundRazr to help some orphans in Kenya build a quality sports field so they can have a little fun and be better than my lazy ass at sports.

GRACE CARE CENTRE is home to over 200 children. There is nowhere for them to safely access a playing field. Please help turn their dreams into reality by contributing to this campaign, so the orphanage can purchase a field they desperately need.

Like most wise fundraisers these days, this group is trying to raise awareness by creating a viral video and job well done, folks. Lift the Children’s brain trust created a video of the orphans from the Grace Care Centre reenacting footage of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals, complete with the original game announcers, and it is just spectacular.

Now if they can just recreate Space Jam with French bulldogs, they can have all of my moneys.

(H/T to The Basketball Jones)