My Favorite Player In FIFA 13: Liu Kang

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.14.12 3 Comments

If I’d known they’d put special attacks into the FIFA games, I would’ve started buying them years ago.

On Tuesday, EA Sports released the Demo version of the FIFA ’13 video game, available for download on XBOX Live, among other platforms. As this is not the final version of the game, a few glitches were bound to be found, including one where a player making a slide tackle of an opponent sends both players flying across the field.

In a follow-up video I’m totally imagining, that player follows up his slide tackle with a squatting uppercut, then turns into a dragon and bites the other guy in half. Then Noob Saibot shows up and holds up a red card. Yeah, I wish this was the real game.

Anyway, I’m gonna keep playing the demo until it lets me morph Lionel Messi into Shang Tsung.

[h/t to Holdout Sports]

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