Now Adrien Broner Wants To Fight Nate Diaz On The Mayweather/McGregor Undercard

Floyd Mayweather knows how to promote fights. In fact, the only thing he’s better at than promoting is actually fighting, so you know the undercard of the upcoming superfight between “Money” and Conor McGregor will have to live up to the hype the main event is creating. Mayweather wants people to get their money’s worth, especially when Mayweather Promotions and Showtime will likely be charging quite a bit for the circus known as Mayweather vs. McGregor.

And while we know the card won’t be full of UFC fighters vs. boxers (although we wish it were), there’s still a card to be made, and it needs to be good. Damn good. Arguably the best undercard ever considering the history-making main event. So, former WBO, WBC, and WBA champ Adrien Broner is calling out Nate Diaz, the one guy in the UFC that could beat Conor McGregor.

Broner called out Diaz while at a press conference promoting his July 29 fight against the undefeated Mikey Garcia: “After this fight, if I come out untouched, I feel like I should come back and fight on Floyd’s undercard against Nate Diaz,” Broner said to the giggles of those in attendance.

Nate Diaz, like McGregor, is also 0-0 in pro boxing but trains regularly with Andre Ward. Could Diaz stand up with someone like Broner? Probably not, but he has a better chance of beating Broner than McGregor does Mayweather. Getting Nate on the card could also set up a showdown between McGregor and Diaz at the end of the night as Showtime cuts to the image of an Irish football stadium with the words “Diaz/McGregor 3” as we fade to black.

Make it happen, Dana. Or Floyd. Whoever. Just make it happen.