Nathan From The Nike Commercial Finally Speaks Out… And Just In Time

From the earliest planning stages of the 2012 Summer Olympics, one of the (surprisingly and needlessly) biggest stories was about the involvement of McDonald’s with the fast food chain’s creation of its largest store yet, right in the heart of London’s Olympic Village. It turns out that McDonald’s – like most major sponsors of the 2012 games – had a relative stranglehold on the food market, as only Grimace and Co. were allowed to sell French fries.

What happens, then, when you pit a global celebration of the greatest young athletes from every country against the financial dominance of high calories and pink meat paste? According to a vague, poorly-written article, obesity will always find a way to triumph over exercise.

Ans as the BBC drew in record viewers for the Games, the capital shunned exercise regimes and instead indulged in the fun of the Olympics with extra snacks and alcohol in front of the T.V. leading to a whopping 18.9m stone weight gain across the UK.

And Londeners were the biggest snacking offenders with an average weight gain of 5.2 lbs. (Via The Daily Mail)

Great, people are blaming their weight gain on their own decision to sit on the couch and eat as if someone held a gun to their heads and forced them to watch the events, instead of getting up and walking around. I’m so sick and tired of this kind of lazy blame-shifting. If only we had someone with the right attitude to inspire us.

Perhaps there’s a certain 12-year old from America’s London who wants to once again help us find our greatness.

Nathan Sorrell, the young man featured in the immensely popular and widely debated Nike “Find Your Greatness” ad, recently appeared on Today and told Matt Lauer that he’s taking all of the criticism and hatred – like Lindy West from Jezebel essentially calling Nathan the subject of Nike’s lie – and he’s using it to prove everyone wrong, as he is actually exercising and eating better.

I’m glad somebody gave this kid a chance to speak for himself instead of letting people just assume he was a prop. Now we just have to hope he’s serious about it.

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(H/T to the San Francisco Chronicle.)