Take Out A Third Mortgage, Here Are This Season’s NBA Championship Odds

10.10.12 6 years ago

As always, it’s important to preface this post about NBA Championship gambling odds by saying that I do not gamble, and therefore I do not offer gambling advice. Even when I offer fantasy advice, that’s just coming from my gut, but you have to keep in mind that my gut went to Harvard while the rest of my body went to a public Florida university. The moral of this story is to make up your own mind, because I can only be trusted for fart jokes.

That said, the gambling site Bovada, which does claim to be run by experts and provide expert analysis, has released its odds for all 30 NBA teams winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and without any real surprise, the defending champion Miami Heat are the favorites, and the Los Angeles Lakers are right behind them. After that, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs get a little love, but these odds basically tell us what we already know about this upcoming season – the Charlotte Bobcats are terrible.

Check out the odds after the jump, with very few surprises.

We’ll call these the “DUHHHHHHHH” odds:

Miami Heat 11/5

Los Angeles Lakers 5/2

Oklahoma City Thunder 9/2

And here are the rest:

Chicago Bulls 14/1 – If Derrick Rose is really willing to sit out the entire season to get completely healthy, you may want to hold off on this bet.

Boston Celtics 18/1 – The “I don’t know, let’s just put them here” odds.

San Antonio Spurs 18/1 – The same as above, but a little more boring.

Los Angeles Clippers 25/1 – These odds will jump significantly next season when Stan Van Gundy is coaching this team.

Brooklyn Nets 30/1 – But wait, I thought all that talent they added guarantees a championship. So that makes this like highway robbery.

Dallas Mavericks 33/1 – I don’t think this is low enough. Unless Dirk Nowitzki got some crazy German surgery to shed a few years.

Indiana Pacers 35/1 – I’d throw a few bucks on this. It’d be lost money, sure, but this is a team that’s coming together.

Memphis Grizzlies 35/1 – Another few bucks here. But not much. The magic is wearing thin.

New York Knicks 35/1 – Nope.

Philadelphia 76ers 50/1 – I’m surprised this isn’t a little higher, but this is what a washed up Jason Richardson will do to your team’s perception.

Denver Nuggets 66/1 – I really like this team as a sleeper with Iggy, but we’re basically entering into the lost causes now.

Houston Rockets 75/1 – I like their draft picks and they have a GM with balls, but Jeremy Lin carrying a team? That’s like elephantitis balls.

Atlanta Hawks 75/1 – Moving Joe Johnson’s stupid contract was a blessing. Grace? She died years ago. BLESSSSSSSSSINNNNNNNNNG.

Minnesota Timberwolves 75/1 – Last year’s sweetheart sleeper, so let’s give it to the Wolves again and see if everyone can avoid dying.

Portland Trail Blazers 100/1 – And here’s where we just sort of settle into the tepid pool of bleh.

Utah Jazz 100/1 – Bleh.

Golden State Warriors 125/1 – BLEH.

Milwaukee Bucks 125/1 – BLEEEEEEEH.

New Orleans Hornets 150/1 – Bleh, but with upside and growing potential.

Orlando Magic 150/1 – Oh please. This should be 500/1, too. It will be once the Magic trade JJ, Jameer and Big Baby.

Phoenix Suns 150/1 – Sad bleh.

Cleveland Cavaliers 200/1 – Bleh because the Cavs just aren’t trying hard enough.

Detroit Pistons 200/1 – BLEH.

Sacramento Kings 200/1 – Bleh, but mainly for the worst ownership in sports.

Toronto Raptors 200/1 – Bl-eh?

Washington Wizards 200/1 – I’d throw $5 on this just for fun.

Charlotte Bobcats 500/1 – Poor Michael Jordan.

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