NBA Round-Up: The Heat Keep Winning

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05.10.11 3 Comments

Before we get to last night’s bipolar NBA action, the Orlando Sentinel, which notably played a major role in Shaquille O’Neal leaving Orlando, has launched, which takes people to an interactive graphic on the newspaper’s website. This graphic, as seen above, allows fans to dress Dwight up in a variety of jerseys, including the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and most notably the Los Angeles Lakers, as most people assume Dwight is heading to them anyway. The Sentinel’s effort isn’t to be confused with, which is a Magic fan/celebrity booking agent’s effort to keep Dwight in Orlando, or this schmuck’s effort to get a street named after Dwight. Regardless, Dwight has expressed his discontent with the Sentinel, and this is all too familiar.

Of course I’ve simply fallen into a dying newspaper’s trap, but I’m mostly just pointing out that if you thought Carmelo Anthony rumors and headlines were bad, get ready for a real sh*tshow.

Miami Heat 98, Boston Celtics 90 OT (Series: 3-1 MIA)

After saving the world in Game 3 with his 28 point performance, Kevin Garnett took a massive figurative dump on the hardwood at the TD Garden last night with a whopping 7 points on 1-10 shooting. Garnett’s performance was indicative of one of the more head-scratching games we’ve witnessed in these playoffs, as neither team seemed interested in winning in regulation. Sure, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 63 points, and that other guy who is always with them had 20, but Miami’s supporting cast shouldn’t have even bothered waking up.

Most notably, Udonis Haslem returned to the lineup after missing most of the last 6 months for foot surgery. Haslem’s return was highlighted by 3 minutes of play, a missed shot, two personal fouls and a technical. I guess he was a little rusty.

Oklahoma City Thunder 133, Memphis Grizzlies 123 3OT (Series: 2-2)

This may go down as one of the best playoff series that nobody will ever talk about. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 75 points in last night’s “Just end this already so I can go to sleep” game of the week. Zach Randolph, Mike Conley and Marc “I stole my brother’s soul” Gasol also combined for 76 of the Grizzlies’ points, but OKC just had more gas in the tank when the end arrived, and Durant scored 6 points in the third overtime to push the game out of Memphis’ reach.

Notable Quotable: “This game is something people are going to be talking about for a while.” – Kevin Durant.

I admire the enthusiasm and I agree that it was a great and exciting game, but nobody will be talking about it tomorrow. At least nobody in the rebel gang of super models that I hang out with.

Tonight’s Prediction: Bulls over Hawks, as Derrick Rose scores 43 points on 612 shots.

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