Watch A Nebraska Fan Give The World’s Worst Attempt At Running Onto The Field

Running onto the field at a sporting event is pretty much always stupid, unless you’re rushing the field after a big win. Otherwise, you’re most likely going to be caught and arrested for trespassing and, instead of watching the rest of the game, you’ll be spending the night in jail. I’ve never been, but I heard jail isn’t fun.

But if you’re still hellbent on running on the field during a game, I say you at least need to make it a valiant effort. The only time anyone ever respects a person who runs onto the field is when that person gives it their all and goes out there determined to make security guards look foolish. Otherwise, you’re just interrupting the event that thousands of people paid money to watch solely to grab the spotlight for a few seconds. But, even with a respectable effort, field-rushers still usually end up getting apprehended and hauled off to be booked, but at least they walk away with some pride and dignity knowing they did their best to provide some additional entertainment to fans.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for this Nebraska fan on Saturday at the Foster Farms Bowl. After a targeting penalty was called on a Cornhuskers player, this guy — possibly persuaded with the help of some alcoholic beverages — decided he was going to storm the field and give someone (a ref, maybe?) a piece of his mind. It was a bold strategy, and it did not work out for him.

The field’s security guards saw him coming a mile away — it even looked like one may have tried to warn him not to do it — but this dude was unfazed. He was on a mission, and that mission was to become the world’s most unsuccessful trespasser. The fan got about half of his leg over the railing before deciding the better of it, but by then it was too late. Multiple security guards had already swarmed him and were pulling him onto the field to detain him.  It was a pretty pathetic scene.

Fortunately, the silver lining was that Nebraska went on to beat Cal 37-29. Not that this guy got to enjoy it.

(Via The Big Lead)