Nebraska’s New Alternate Uniforms Are Here, And They Look Awfully Familiar

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07.27.12 12 Comments

Adidas posted a video to YouTube this morning to debut their new alternate uniforms for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a bright red number with decorative knee-socks, those stupid gloves that make a pattern when you hold your palms out that everyone loves and nobody will wear in five years, and a gigantic black “N” on the front. They look nice, aside from a few places (like College Football Section) making all the appropriate “LOL, you look like the Kool-Aid Man” jokes.

As a nerd born in the 1980s, my first thought wasn’t the Kool-Aid Man, and I’m relieved to say I’m not the only one who thought this: Nebraska’s new uniforms make them look exactly like Kevin from ‘Captain N: The Game Master’. See?

If you don’t remember ‘Captain N’, it was a Saturday morning cartoon from 1989-1991 that was sponsored and promoted by Nintendo. Unfortunately I guess Nintendo couldn’t also give them image rights, so all the game characters featured on the show had to be changed to look nearly unrecognizable … android hero Mega Man becomes a raspy midget in a green jumpsuit, literal brain in a jar Mother Brain from the Metroid series becomes a Little Richard impersonator with a giant lady face and vampire hunter Simon Belmont becomes a gay pilot (?). Anyway, Kevin had a bright red jacket with a big red N on the front for “Nintendo”, and maybe Adidas had those Nintendo image rights all along.

Here are a few more pics of the uniforms, if you skipped the part about cartoons and just like college football.

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