This Hockey Reporter Had A Very Unfortunate Slip Up While Talking About A ‘Herniated Disc’

During Thursday night’s Bruins-Avalanche game in Boston, NESN reporter Sarah Davis was delivering a rinkside hit on the return of Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg, who was back in the lineup after having surgery to repair a herniated disc. As we’ve seen plenty of times in the past, the word ‘disc’ can very easily be mistakenly pronounced ‘dick,’ and a herniated dick seems like a very different (and much more awful) sports injury.

Unfortunately for Davis, she became the latest in a long line of reporters to fall victim to the freudian slip, and I’m basically obligated to laugh at her because the word ‘dick’ is always funny when you’re immature. To Davis’ credit, though, she soldiered on through with her report as if nothing had happened, keeping her professionalism like a true champ the whole way through. I, for one, cannot say the same.