A New, Scandal-Free Miss Bum Bum Brazil Has Been Named

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11.14.13 8 Comments

Two weeks ago, we took a serious look into accusations that the very prestigious and honorable Miss Bum Bum Brazil pageant for 2013 had been fixed. According to one of the contestants, Eliana Amaral had paid approximately $32,000 to the judges to secure her spot as the winner, but she was somehow screwed over and awarded only first runner-up, because Maria Sousa had allegedly paid even more money to be named 2013’s Miss Bum Bum Brazil.

Except, a funny thing happened on the way to the six-figure endorsement deals and modeling contracts. It turns out that the competition hadn’t even taken place yet, and those snitches were merely speculating. Instead, the pageant took place this week, and neither of those women was declared the winner. The top honor ended up going to 25-year old Dai Macedo, who was one of the contestants that lashed out at Amaral and Sousa over the accusations.

In recent days the Twitter sphere has been awash with catty remarks from some contestants denigrating each other – the dreaded word cellulite proving a favored insult – and the voting process.

“I’m all emotional – I didn’t expect to win,” gushed Ms Macedo as she put the pre-event controversy behind her.

“All hell broke loose on social media sites but now I can say the contest was real.” (Via News.com.au)

It’s times like this that I wish I had a child so I could tell him that there truly still is justice in this world.

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