With Leather’s Watch This: More Like Snorioles! Just Kidding, They’re Fun

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10.10.12 7 Comments

Thanks to Major League Baseball scheduling today’s Game 3 of the NLDS between the St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals at 1 PM, tonight’s sports action is pretty darn boring. How did the MAC get screwed out of a game tonight anyway? Couldn’t we schedule FAU against Middle Montana Community Tech State A&M? Just laziness.

MLB ALDS Game 3: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees – 7:30 PM ET on TBS

Like the Cards and Nats before them, the O’s and Yanks are all tied up at 1 game each in this best of 5 series of pure excitement. You know what’s been entertaining so far? Yankees fans crapping all over Derek Jeter. Stupid jerk hasn’t ever done anything for that team.

Speaking of Jeter…

WWE Main Event – 8 PM ET on ION

I finally found ION on my TV the other day. They should change the name to the Network That Shows Flashpoint All The Time, Causing Me To Say, “Wait, The Flashpoint With Jenna Jameson?” And Laugh. It’s a name in progress. Tonight’s main event on Main Event will feature Randy Orton against the Big Show.

Also, as you’re reading this, I will be on the phone waxing Jiu-Jitsu and clown fears with Eve Torres, so you have that to look forward to.

NCAA Women’s Volleyball: Tennessee at LSU – 8 PM ET on ESPNU

Good luck, LSU.

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