A Celebrating Newcastle Player Kicked The Corner Flag Directly Into A Fan’s Groin

Newcastle got a late-game header from Issac Hayden to upset Chelsea on Saturday, but unfortunately the wild celebration was cut short for one fan who had to deal with a header of his own.

Hayden’s strike in the 94th minute gave the Magpies a dramatic win over a team currently fourth on the Premier League table after a set piece saw Hayden finish a ball just outside the 6-yard box.

Here’s a video from the crowd that captured the big moment and the celebration that followed.

But here’s where things got a bit hairy. You see, Newcastle winger Matt Ritchie has what’s been described as an irrational hatred of corner flags. He’s called himself “an angry wee bastard” and made it his Thing to kick the hell out of corner flags, often in celebration. You can actually see Ritchie give the flag in the video a boot just after Hayden slides in front of it to celebrate in front of Newcastle fans.

One problem, though: Ritchie kicked the flag so hard on Saturday that he jousted it right into a Magpie fan’s junk.

It’s a bit hard to comprehend how this happened, but there really was no way to get your junk out of the way here. Look at how fast it moves in real time.

Whizzing right by the screen and into the guy’s whizzer. Truly a shame. It’s really incredible that the flag flipped over, then hit the turf again and jumped up right into the poor guy’s crotch.

A fan video captured the fan in question dealing with the uh, disturbance after the fact. He’s understandably not as happy as those deliriously celebrating around him.

Newcastle’s own Twitter account shared a GIF of the attack on the poor guy’s bangers and mash and sent along a pretty limp apology, if we’re being frank.

At least he can celebrate three points, right?