The NFL Competition Committee Will Address Football Inflation This Offseason

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deflated balls

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Remember when we didn’t care about a football’s inflation? Remember when we didn’t care about PSI or gauge pressure or the ideal gas law? Yeah, those were the good ‘ol days.

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, a key member of the NFL competition committee, said that they’ll look into the “procedures surrounding football inflation before games.”

“Yes, we do. Every year, we have Wilson come in, and we discuss balls and gauges and discuss that,” Fisher said Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “But I would submit that we probably wouldn’t have any discussions until everything has been resolved at the league office.”

So, who’s to blame for this? Is it the New England Patriots, who probably maybe messed with footballs before games? Is it the officials, who were derelict in their duties? Is it the NFL, who tried to catch the Patriots cheating?

At this point, do you even care?

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