Monday Night Football Fans In Mexico City Are Shining Green Lasers To Distract Texans Players

11.21.16 1 year ago

Football fans in Mexico City are celebrating an NFL game between the Texans and Raiders by trying to blind its participants.

Cameras caught giant green lasers reflecting off the helmet and face of Houston quarterback Brock Osweiler during the game. The ESPN broadcast even speculated that it may explain why the teams had a number of broken plays or dropped passes earlier in the game.

It’s telling when ESPN’s own NFL Twitter account mentions them and they make multiple mentions of the lasers on the broadcast. It’s a real problem for players.

Others on Twitter pointed out that it’s not the first time lasers have been used at a professional sporting event in Mexico City. Of course, the event was a great opportunity for folks on Twitter to make Austin Powers references, so maybe it wasn’t all bad.

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