NFL Free Agent Walks Out On $27 Bar Tab

Raheem Brock was not a showgirl, nor did he have yellow feathers in his hair, but that didn’t stop him from running up a $27 bar tab at a Philadelphia bar and allegedly walking out before paying the tab. A twenty-seven dollar tab? Jeremy Shockey calls that breakfast. I know it’s a lockout, but come on.

A Fox 29 source says Brock allegedly dipped out on a $27 bill at the Copacabana. He was questioned by police at 5th and South streets.

Our source says there a minor struggle and police put Brock under arrest.

Brock was drafted by the Eagles in 2002; he has played with four NFL teams and won a Super Bowl with the Colts in 2007. He’s a free agent now, perhaps due in part to a DUI he scored in November. But I doubt that this is more than just a misunderstanding. Brock probably didn’t do anything wrong here, aside from actually being in Philadelphia. Seriously, that place is a warzone with trolleys and rap music.

UPDATE: Apparently the bar is actually called the “Copabanana.” And I don’t have a reference for that.

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