Let Us Count The Reasons Why The NFL Is Really Bad Right Now

10.26.16 1 year ago 49 Comments

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Why is the NFL more unwatchable than ever? The ratings tell us fewer people are watching, but all the in-depth thinkpieces blaming it on a lack of stars, the pesky viewing patterns of millennials and attentions being diverted to a truly barbaric competition — the Presidential election — fail to identify the most obvious reason:

No one is watching the NFL because the NFL is more unwatchable than ever.

It’s objectively bad. Maybe ratings are dipping because more fans are having their eyes opened by the extra primetime games on Thursdays. You can only force people to watch Jaguars-Titans so many times before they get turned off to the sport altogether, sure, but why are there so many aesthetically displeasing matchups every week?

NFL purists will tell you what an amazing defensive display they saw on Sunday night between the Seahawks and Cardinals, a 6-6 tie for the ages that defined toughness and resiliency; regular people will tell you they turned it off after the third quarter to watch the fourth episode of WestWorld.

Let’s figure this out. Let’s figure out why the NFL is bad.

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