Brace Yourself For Even Worse NFL Officiating This Season

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Year in and year out, the song remains the same when it comes to NFL’s officiating — everyone thinks it’s bad, perhaps as bad as it’s been since the league starting dominating TV sets every Sunday. But if you thought Pete Morelli’s comedy of errors last season was bad, buckle up — a bunch of new officials are coming into the league this year, and with inexperience comes mistakes.

Mike Pereira is as close to a voice of reason we have when it comes to the NFL yearbook, and he told Bleacher Report that 2016 is going to be a “rebuilding year” for the referee squad.

“The good news is that when the league emerges from it, the officiating will be better than ever, when the officials get acclimated. They have a good leader in Dean Blandino and they are bringing in some good officials.”

And the bad news?

“In the short term,” he said, “you’re going to see some bumps.”

“It’s still good,” said Pereira, when asked about the quality of officiating. “I don’t think it’s as good as it was in some recent years, but it’s still good. The problem with the officials now is that turnover.”

It’s undeniable that bringing in younger officials to rejuvenate the ranks is a necessary step, and there’s no way to substitute for experience. If we want better referees at any point, we’re going to have to deal with the new class’ growing pains just as a fanbase would with a rookie quarterback thrown into the fire. Try to remember that when you’re screaming your head off at the TV over a phantom pass interference call that screws your team out of a game in Week 14.

(Via Bleacher Report)