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Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can characterize black-and-white TV as “fun.” Do you think walking to work each morning and hunting your own food would be fun? What about getting married right out of high school and dealing with a wife who thinks anal is only a style of thermometer?  Society progresses for a reason, you pricks. Unless, of course, your society is tied to the National Hockey League:

Your TV set will be working fine, when you see the second period of Friday’s Avs-Canadiens game on the House Channel. To commemorate the Canadiens’ 100th year (and to get a little free pub like this), Stan Kroenke will instruct his minions to have a black-and-white picture for the full second period.

For the third period, the Avalance plan to select one section of fans from their arena and turn them in to the Senate Un-American Activities Committee as communists.

[Denver Post, via Puck Daddy, who sports a bio pic in black-and-white. Get off his lawn.]

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