Nick Saban Tested Positive For COVID-19 And Will Miss The Iron Bowl

University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has tested positive for coronavirus, and has mild symptoms of COVID-19, the university announced on Wednesday morning. As a result, the coach will miss this weekend’s Iron Bowl game between Alabama and Auburn.

Saban will isolate at home according to NCAA protocols, while presumably his close contacts will be tracked down and asked to do the same.

Previously, Saban had turned up a positive test, but did not miss any games after he did not suffer symptoms and tested negative multiple times shortly thereafter. The positive test was determined to be a false positive at that time, and Saban never missed a beat.

Because he now is experiencing symptoms (mild so far, thankfully), Saban must now follow NCAA protocols until the disease has run its course and he can get back to coaching.

College football is headed toward another weekend dominated by the virus after breaking its own record every week of November for canceled games. At the same time, positive tests for college basketball coaches like Baylor’s Scott Drew are forcing their programs into COVID protocols as well. The disease continues to prove it will not make any exceptions for sports, no matter how aggressively leagues press on.