Niners In Paris, Or What Happens When Your Crappy Fan Song Is Awesome

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.19.12 6 Comments

Two things about this:

1. If Kanye West and Jay-Z name a song “Niggas In Paris” and release it as a single for top 40 radio, I am not going to feel weird about typing “Niggas In Paris” on this blog. That’s the name of the song. Also, for like two months I thought people were talking about Joni Mitchell.

2. Fan songs are supposed to be bad. They’re supposed to be what you upload when you’ve downed too many Coors Lights and think it’d be funny to say “Fister” instead of “sister”. They’re for bragging about how your team is going to win the Super Bowl three games into the season and nothing bad could possibly happen.

Those things being said, this San Francisco 49ers fan song set to “Niggas In Paris” is really freaking good and manages to be both cleverly written AND time appropriate. They could’ve just done ‘Red And Yellow’ or whatever and been fine, but they put in an effort, and I appreciate it. An example, courtesy of Shutdown Corner‘s expert transcription skills:

Ball so hard, let’s stop Cruz. Manningham’ll be locked up, too.

If you was hit like Pierre was hit, you probably gon’ cough the ball up, too.

And hopefully you don’t need me to explain why “that Smith cray” is great. Drunk Texas Train Lady needs to step up her game. Suggestion: a Baltimore Ravens song called “Murder to Excellence”.

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