Norm MacDonald Predicted The Seattle Seahawks Comeback On Twitter, Then Called Out All His Doubters

Norm Macdonald
Getty Image

The wake was scheduled. Funeral preparations were being made. At halftime of the NFC Championship game, most of us had buried the Seattle Seahawks. They were done, their season was over. An anemic offense couldn’t muster much of anything, let alone hang on to the ball.

Even the most ardent of Seahawks supporters called for mercy, several of them leaving the game as early as the third quarter. But one man stood steadfast, one man was adamant a comeback was in the works—comedian Norm Macdonald.

Sure, Norm tweets a lot, hundred of times a day to be exact. And he can be a bit much during games, constantly updating like he’s a play-by-play guy. But whatever, he was spot-on about the Seahawks when they looked like absolute trash, when they trailed 16-0.

A whole lot of folks had egg on their face for doubting Norm. And you know what, he RT’d every single one of them. No, really.

In the 45 minutes following the end of the game, Norm tweeted or RT’d the haters (and others) 76 times. That’s just amazing. That should go in the Twitter Hall of Fame.