Not Even Undefeated Ohio State Can Make Me Care About College Basketball In January

01.26.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

For some people, fandom is a way of life, a religion, an exertion of allegiance which is both borne of pride, but also a source of it. They deliver the gospel, even if that’s as simple as two contrasting colors and a couple of chants and choreographed hand gestures. And they are always “we,” as in “we won again!”

Those people are insane.

Even as an Ohio State alumnus, I check in and out of Buckeye fandom like one would a suburban Mariott. And similar to how one is asked at the desk upon check-in, my interests could be summarized with a question of “Football or non-football?” Why football, please.

Two straight BCS title games? Sweet. That 2007 Final Four? Meh. Football players busted for free body ink? Tats life! Blaine Wilson in the Olympics? Zzzz…

This is all just to save the trouble of those who would ask How ’bout dem Buckeyes? And to save me from replying, “What about ’em?” While it’s nice to see the team post a strong showing, it means nothing. There’s no drama in college basketball, especially in the Big Ten, who seems to send every team to the NCAA tournament every year anyway.

Surely there is a difference in achieving a 1-seed as opposed to a 5-seed. But “my” team is getting in, even if “I’m” not totally with “us” just yet. Until then, “they” can keep watching Ohio State win games that mean very little, while I count down the days until the end of football, curled up in a king-sized bed, waiting for the front desk to call me when it’s time to fill out a bracket.

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