Not Hated Enough, Duke Basketball Fans May Have Reminded America Why They're Awful

I was thinking just the other day that while this NCAA men’s basketball season had been pretty exciting, what with No. 1 teams dropping like flies each week, what we really need is a good scandal to besmirch one of the most successful teams in college hoops history. If only a certain rabid fan base that is widely viewed as a legion of self-entitled rich kids would step forward and reclaim its crown as the nastiest of the nastiest.

What’s that, Duke’s Cameron Crazies? You say you’re ready to do just that? Well, you’re going to have to convince me of that.

Damn. That’s messed up if it’s true. Fortunately, aside from writing inflammatory titles to posts so people get sucked it by irrational rage, I’m a pretty fair and balanced bro, so I want to take a look at some video first before I lay down my hammer of ultimate galactic justice.

I dunno, Duke fans. I’m leaning toward guilty on this one. I know that you want us to believe that you were rocking the standard “Past Your Bedtime” chant, but having been an obnoxious college sports fan who has chanted many awful things before and possibly once gave out an opposing player’s phone number to several hundred students, I know what you’re all capable of.

So you can write all of the “Moi? Never!” pieces that you want, but when you make your bed as the craziest fans in college basketball, you also have to pass out drunk it in.

(Banner via, Video H/T to Black Sports Online)