Notre Dame Football Made A Bad Lip Reading Video And It’s Actually Really Funny

Making a Bad Lip Reading video is probably a difficult process. It requires combing through tons of clips, finding something that is useable, making a funny script that goes along with people’s lips, actually recording and editing the video, etc.

The fact that the people behind Bad Lip Reading do such a good job is really admirable for that reason, and it makes sense as to why no one else ever tries to make their own version. It’s a ton of work for something that’s hard to pull off, and even if you do make your own video, there’s no guarantee that it’s funny.

But Notre Dame football decided to have a go at its own Bad Lip Reading video, and to their credit, they did a pretty good job. The voice-overs were done by redshirt junior quarterback Malik Zaire and junior defensive tackle Jay Hayes, and while this video isn’t perfect – a handful of the voice-overs don’t match up with the clips too well – some of these are rather funny. The one that shows a player saying “I want my taco” is good, as is the one with a coach instructing someone to “go get a scalpel.”

So good job, Notre Dame. For the first time ever, most people on the web can probably agree that the Fighting Irish did something good.

(via For The Win)