If You Plan On Heckling Novak Djokovic, Be Prepared For His Amazing Reaction

Novak Djokovic struggled to put away Giles Simon in the fourth round of the Australian Open on Sunday. The number one seed managed to escape with a five-set victory, but Simon’s strategy to try and force Djokovic to beat himself nearly worked, as Djokovic committed 100 unforced errors in the match.

Djokovic did a post match interview with ESPN in which he said that he was hoping to cut down on unforced errors in his upcoming quarterfinal match against Kei Nishikori. At that point, a fan in the crowd decided to chime in and tell the Djoker exactly how he could do so by yelling out, “No more drop shots!”

Djokovic stopped the interview and asked the fan to repeat himself with everyone in the stadium listening, and to the heckler’s credit, he didn’t back down, yelling it out again.

You would expect at this point for Djokovic to either ignore his critic or come back with some sort of diss of his own. But instead, the Serbian actually thought his agitator made a pretty good point, saying in response, “I hate to say that, but you are absolutely right.”

Who needs coaches when you can get great advice from random people yelling things in the crowd?