Now You Too Can Smell Like A Yankee

03.14.12 7 years ago 4 Comments

Michael Jordan has a fragrance. David Beckham has one, too. Even Maria Sharapova offers ladies the chance to smell like her. But the New York Yankees are bigger than just one person, which is why they’ve become the first team to develop and market its own fragrance, so male and female fans everywhere can smell like a combination of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

I call it “Erotic Centaur Musk.”

Ads bearing classic black-and-white shot-on-film photography and the slogan “Past, Present, Forever,” will show up everywhere from one entire side of the No. 4 train that goes to Yankee Stadium to a bullpen sign and a “Fragrance Day” event inside the ballpark. There will also be billboards in the metro area, and national magazine, newspaper and internet ads in a seven-figure campaign created in-house and aided by Media Kitchen, Carrot Creative and PR shop DKC.

What does New York Yankees cologne smell like? “We hope it reflects the smell of success, not to sound too cheesy,” said Duncan Bird, a veteran of Grey Global Group, BBDO, Anomaly andBBH who’s now creative director of the Cloudbreak Group, marketer of the Bronx Bomber scent. “It’s not too challenging. It’s a very refreshing smell.” (Via Ad Age)

The release of “Yankee Stink” (Boston fans can have that one for free) will coincide with the start of the 2012 season, and apparently Yankees fans have been quite receptive of the concept. Then again, they also surveyed fans about this back in February when the team still had A.J. Burnett, so I assume fans were just excited to have something hard to throw at him.

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